Adam B. - You were such a pleasure to work with when it came to finding our house! A true bulldog in the best of ways. 


Randy D. - When you go Wes! You have the Best! So Many Thanks! One Who Goes the Extra!


Stacie M - Thank you for the help in the quest to find a renovation property this year, it is greatly appreciated.


Stephen G. - Wesley has a very good work ethic and is a hard working individual. I know that whomever works with Wes, will be impressed with his services.


"Wes is highly dependable and never cuts excuses and always sees how best he can assist his Clients. Wes has great listening skills and is quite focused and highly productive. Wes has demonstrated unwavering integrity and it was a pleasure to work with him." - Indra S.

"You were great, you took the time to understand my needs, and you found me an excellent space." – Andrea B.

"Thank you very much, you did a splendid job." - Aidan A

"Wow, you negotiated us a wicked deal." - PD Investments


Other Agents: Playing nice with other agents is just as important in finding off market opportunities and bringing the process to the end.


Sutton Group Broker Owner - Co-operation between salespeople and companies has never been more important than right now and appreciation for a job well done is often overlooked. We would like to thank you for selling our listing.


RE/MAX Agent - You’re an awesome realtor!


RE/MAX Agent - Wes is a ROCK STAR!! Always more than happy to lend a hand with a smile on his face. Thank you!


RE/MAX Agent - Thank you very much for helping my client find a space. Your handwork does not go unnoticed and I know you’ll be very successful due to your drive, ambition and strong determined attitude more importantly.